Feb 11 2010

Magnolia and Railo Part 2 Redux

Published by jfrank at 3:52 pm under coldfusion, magnolia, open source

Here is the example app live from Magnolia and Railo Part 2. I fixed something in the config that was blocking import as well… so if anyone tried it let me know.


If anyone is interested in logging in, let me know and I will give you some credentials to log in and poke around.

For some reason, this is performing crazy fast right now. On the order of 100 ms, across the country network lag included, on an extremely underpowered rackspace cloud machine (256 megs of ram, running mysql, php, httpd, ngnix and tomcat for this app).

Turn on your firebug or chrome inspector and compare it to your CMS…

I defy any other pure Railo/CFML CMS from topping that for a single uncached hit with three custom cf paragraphs…

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