Feb 07 2010

live blogging the superbowl

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7:00 Etrade’s babies are creepy and not cool anymore. chunky.com is for soup.

6:48 Gold wins based on valor.

6:46 Imminent gatorade splashage

6:40 Blue leader just can’t do it! Gold holds them off right at the target!

6:38 Godaddy proves again that domains make women hot. Chickens scream again.

6:36 Blue leader is trying again. He is serious this time. Throws all the way down the green.

6:34 Announcer says “When moments are critical in a game, you go with what you do” Stupid men will even sit through a book club to get Bud Lite.

6:32 Doritos are worth killing for.

6:30 Gold took Blue leaders ball and ran it all the way down the field!!!

6:26 Green dystopia prosecutes the non green for using plastic and incandescent bulbs. Unles you own a green car! Barkley raps taco bell.

6:24 Blue leader has angry eyes!!!

6:22 Small digital squirrels love cars. Chickens scream like people, so we are supposed to want to eat them. So unappetizing.

6:20 Gold has a challenge about some kind of tricky play. They win it and for cunning get 2 points.

6:16 There is a hell emulator as a game. Bulls and horses are friends.

6:12 Gold scores again. There is much valor!

6:10 Gold ruins Blue’s day, and now they are pushing back the other way.

6:06 Emerald nuts are crazy, producing unbelievable feats of athletics.

6:02 Blue is moving down the green.

5:58 Comcast wants you to know how much HD they have, their HD is way WAY bigger than satellite’s

5:56 CBS wants you to watch the ads more

5:54 Roundup is creepy. It will kill things even after its done killing things.

5:48 A bad tape job can ruin a man.

5:44 A man sleepwalks through Africa facing dangers but eventually gets a Coke. Babies are creepy.

5:42 A man with hearing loss would trade his wife for his awesome tires.

5:40 Men are really good exercisers and they drink michelob ultra

5:38 The Blue leader is so upset that he is driving down the field for revenge! And he gets it!

5:30 Girls post pictures of themselves on the internet, and men everywhere get in trouble for looking at them.

5:28 Gold ones score a quick win.

5:23 Gold ones did some tricky move on the kick off. They got their own ball.

5:22 JayZ wins the superbowl… ? At least he has the trophy, and he runs this town. Good luck with that one. It is a full on brawl on the field.

5:20 Ford vehicles are literally made of water, and are self assembling.

5:16 Gold has 6 and Blue has 10. tv.com wants to be hulu. Toyota is now safe and trusts you.

5:15 Lots of new tv shows. “From the guy who brought you all those boring CSI knockoffs”.

5:02 The half time band is a bunch of old guys, who are reminding the world about an archaic game called pinball! A more timely message could not be found for the United States. But it turns out it is a medley.

5:00 Halftime report is awesome. Five guys with stick mics yelling incoherently at each other. It is almost as if if they had head mics they wouldn’t know what to do with their hands.

4:56 30 minutes of play, in merely two hours!

4:52 Fred Meyer’s has the single worst commercials… ever. (Billboards too)

4:49 Robots can’t handle derisive opinions. Intel has robot employees.

4:47 Women eviscerate men, and remove their spine. But if men have a portable tv, they regain their spine.

4:46 Harry Freaking Potter is a real place.

4:42 Little people commercials back to back. Little people 2010!

4:38 They are putting one of those crime dramas in space. CIS Moon will be next.

4:36 Men have a terrible life because of the things they put up with and do for their women. But they use it to negotiate with their spouses to buy an expensive car.

4:32 Gold does a good job getting down the green.

4:26 Women have good ideas, but men find the beer and everyone loves them better because they are easy going. If you succeed at being a man you can use some dove specialty soaps.

4:23 Back to back pantsless commercials. Pants are out in 2010!

4:22 A dude has a message for women. He thinks they are important if they watch football. And wants them to know their heart attacks are different.

4:18 Nothing rallies a town like beer. People will form a human bridge to get the truck through!

4:14 Gold makes some serious forward motion with much valor. Perhaps points are in order?

4:09 A good bachelor party requires an endangered species (in this case a killer whale).

4:06 Bud Lite makes you sound like TPain, women get the groceries and you just have to party!

4:04 Domain names excite women!

4:03 We should be kind to mean rich people when they lose their money.

4:02 Its not looking good for gold.

3:58 Somewhere in the past the blue ones were awarded three points for cunning and valor.

3:54 The blue ones have many tricky moves.

3:50 Slapping people on the back of the head is so cool.

3:46 Boost moble scares the !!!!! out of me. Dogs hurt people.

3:44 Focus on the Family hurts women. But they are really ok!?

3:42 The oldest man ever just kicked the ball.  Snickers hurts old people.

3:38 The blue ones seem pretty good at throwing, while the gold ones scurry about.

3:34 The gold ones had the ball, but now the blue ones have it.

3:31 Broadcast is also in Spanish.

3:29 The Hundai Sonata is less than 20k. You can quote them on that.

3:36 Modern NBA players don’t know who Larry Bird is.

3:34 Wife says snarky comments should go to the Internet not her. Rogain is gross.

3:21 PST Lots of sound problems so far. Queen Latifa had to take out her ear monitor. The intro videos for each team had a lot of mumbling.

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  1. Beth and Matton 07 Feb 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Canada sucks ’cause we only saw all the same old stupid repetitive Canadian commercials. Maybe we’ll be able to catch up this week.

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